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Why Red Aspen Lashes?
by Priscilla L Brooks

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Why Red Aspen Lashes?


Well, let me tell you why Red Aspen Lashes

I have a graphic here to help you to see the difference between Red Aspen and other sources such as the drug store like CVS, and then specialty lashes from high end stores.  What is so interesting to me, is that these lashes are not only top quality with Red Aspen, but also affordable.  Plus, if you take care of your Red Aspen lashes properly, you will get many wears out of them.

Can I put these on myself?

Now you may be thinking, that is great that Red Aspen has a top quality lash, but I would never be able to put those on.

I completely understand, I felt the same way, but when I saw them on my girlfriend, I thought to myself, hey I am going to give it a try.  So I bought the lashes and have never looked back.  And the truth is, they are not hard to put on.  It does take a little practice if you have never done it before like me, but the end result is so worth it.  I know, you think it is one of those cliché’s “If I can do it anyone can”? but honestly you can do it.  Here are some key points to remember…..


You must  take the time to make sure the lashes fit your eyelid.  And you must size to each of your lids as they are most likely not the same size.  It really doesn’t take long at all to do.  Just lay the lash onto your eyelid starting from the inside, and then measure where your lid ends.  Always adjust to the outside of your lid, never the inside  You only have to do this once, and then take good care of the lashes and they will last you for multiple wears.  I wear mine just about every day, because I love how they make me feel.  Even if I only have on my lashes and “Taylored” lip gloss, that is enough!


I am pretty confident that if you have tried to put on lashes before without success, it was because of the adhesive.  Our adhesive is latex free, so that is a great start for those like me with sensitive eyes.  Next, our adhesive goes on with an iridescent blue tint, and when it goes clear, then it is tacky and ready for application to your eyelid.  Other adhesives contain latex so they irritate your eyes, and most likely you try to put them on too soon.  The adhesive must be tacky for the best success in application.


Now then next step to success in application is by far the tools you have.  Red Aspen has an amazing application tool, similar to a pair of tweezers, that are designed to help you with flawless application. 


In addition, our amazing Ashas liner helps with an amazing natural look with the lashes.  I always put on my liner first, then go to my brows while that drys, and then I am ready to apply my lashes.

Check out the clip below of how to apply Red Aspen lashes….



The very best part of these lashes and getting together with your girlfriends is that they are so much FUN  Plus they make you feel so pretty!  Who doesn’t want to feel pretty?  Not any girl I know.

Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have regarding these amazing lashes, I would love to see you in a pair

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About the Contributor

Priscilla L Brooks / Brand Ambassador

Red Aspen Clovis, CA

Hi my name is Priscilla! I am an entrepreneur at heart and love connecting with others. I am in love with my Red Aspen Lashes! I just love how it immediately builds confidence in women and makes them feel pretty!
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