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Wine Hacks That Everyone Should Know
by Andrea Jakubowycz

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  • Hacks/Timesavers,
  • Tips/Ideas

Wine hacks are tips and tricks that are useful to anyone who drinks wine.  Below are some that I have found useful related to every day wine drinking.  I've tried them all so I hope they help you out like they did for me.  




1.  Chilling your wine bottle

Have you ever run into the problem where you have had to serve a bottle of chilled wine -- but it's not chilled yet and time is running out?  No problem!  Wet a couple of sheets of paper towel (or a light cloth), wrap them around your bottle of wine and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.  Voila!  A chilled bottle of wine in no time!  Simply remove the frozen paper towels and the wine is ready to be shared.

2.  Chilling a glass of wine

While I don't particularly care to put ice in my glass of wine, I know many people who do.  And it doesn't matter what type of wine -- red, white, rose, sparkling...frankly, it's a matter of preference.  Why don't I like it?  I don't want to dilute my wine with water.  So instead, an alternative is to freeze a bit of that wine into "wine cubes" and chill the wine with WINE and not WATER.  It takes a few hours to chill the wine to make ice cubes.  Some people I know will make these "wine cubes" the day before drinking a wine. 

*Bonus idea:  freeze fruit pieces and then add them to wine to keep it chilled.  I've used watermelon chunks in prosecco and rose and found this to be a great alternative to using ice cubes.  There are plenty of options for chillled fruit:  grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries are just a few that come to mind.

3.  Cork pieces in my wine

Ever open a bottle of wine, only to find that some of the cork broke off?  No worries!  There's a simple solution for this problem.  Just take a coffee filter, place it over the glass, and pour the wine through the filter into the glass.  You can also put the filter over the opening of the bottle to trap the pieces in the bottle.  This works on removing any sediment that may be in the bottle as well.

4.  Corks - Chip Clip

If you're like me, you can never find one of those chip clip things when you need one.  So why not make one out of cork?  Simply cut about an inch slit at one of the ends of the cork, place on a the bag that needs closing, and you've got an easy solution to your problem.  I used a box cutter and a cutting board to cut the cork in each of these hacks. 

5.  Corks - Pot holder

Glue 2 corks together with a glue gun or a stronger craft glue and you've got an instant pot holder.  Place under lid handle and lift.  No burned fingers!


6.  Corks - Sign Stand

Love to entertain?  Use a cork to create a stand to display a sign for your food items that you are serving (i.e. think cheese or meat platter).  Cut the cork almost in half so that one end can lay flat on your surface.  Cut a slit on the rounded side, place your sign in the slit, and there you have it, a cool sign for your display.  Again, I used a box cutter and cutting board to cut the cork.

*Bonus idea:  Serving a specific wine with a specific food? Use the cork of that specific wine and place the sign of that particular food item in that cork.  Let your guests know that is the suggested pairing for that wine and food.

7.  Pesky Wine stains

Use regular table salt to remove red wine stains from items such as tablecloths or white shirts.  Cover the stain with plenty of salt and let it sit for an hour or so.  After that, throw out the salt and use water to help remove the rest of the stain before washing the item. 

*Bonus idea:  White wine can be used to remove red wine out of carpets.  Cover the stain with the white wine and dab out the rest to help remove the red wine stain. 


Do you have any useful or interesting wine hacks that you've tried?  Share them in the comments below.  Cheers!

About the Contributor

Andrea Jakubowycz / Wine Consultant

Wine Decadence North Royalton, OH

Plain and simple, I love wine! Being a Wine Consultant with Wine Decadence allows me to create fun and unique experiences by sharing our fantastic portfolio of wines at personalized and complimentary wine tastings. In my spare time you will find me reading, being outdoors, exploring vineyards, and traveling.
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