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Debbie Brown /
Independent Consultant

Touchstone Crystal

Kalamazoo, MI

United States

An OB RN for over 28 years, Jaded Traveler & Travel Planner, Wacky Photographer, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend & one sparkling gal who has found a way to have a drawer full of stunning jewelry & knowing so many women don't know of Touchstone Crystal & who are always amazed by this distinctive & versatile line of jewelry. Always planning the next travel & using my easily earned jewelry earnings to make it happen!

NDSR Member

United States


My Story

It's me, Debbie Brown. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. Have no desire to really live anywhere else, unless by family, but Kauai, if I could. I have had some "learning experiences" while working thru now on my third marriage, that has lasted over 21 years and going strong. Learning experiences are goo. Yes, married....and he is a dentist, who is working on retiring and loves to Day Trade. I have two sons and a step son and a lovely daughter in law. No grandchildren. The married set are dentists and my youngest a chiropractor and the step son an aspiring media photographer. All doing well and all healthy...which is really the only thing that is important.

I have worked in the medical field for over 39 have been an RN for 32 of them, and in OB for about 28 years. Travel and the internet are my "offthejob" passions. It seems I always have a trip coming up or planning one that could be even over a year away. Hot tip...just plan it...then it will happen! I love to take lots of pictures, edit them and put them in printed albums. One, I love to have them in hard copy to look at and two, pictures do help you really to remember...even what you had for dinner a couple days ago while you travel! I must be a bit computer savvy, because people are always asking for me help with "something". I do enjoy searching online, building websites, and learning new things and knowing how to do it.

My vision is to retire, continue to travel, shoot pictures, be online and share my passion for Touchstone with others.
Let me explain why in my business story.
"Here is to living healthy & your success"

My Business Story

Wow, I do love that sparkle. Check out them colors! I did not mention that I was a faux finisher, too, for over 10 I am like a cat and ball when I see colors! Hence, Touchstone Crystal really caught my eye. After attending a couple party and keeping an eye on the online catalog and seeing lovely Salmon colored set I had to have...I the stuff, enjoy working online and the parties and the planning and the kit, so affordable...WHY NOT TRY!? I did have direct sales experience and could recognize this was a powerful company that I could do well with. . It was more than just wanting a couple more pieces of jewelry. Yes, more money available for my travel. I had found with my previous Direct Sales, that extra money comes in very handy for my flights and accommodations. I love the independence and selecting my hours to work. It gives me a sense of power over my life, that a 9-5 or 7-7, in my case, does not allow. Don't have to request vacation time with Touchstone. Meeting new friends. Girl time is always unique and I get to join

Debbie Brown / Independent Consultant with Touchstone Crystal from Kalamazoo, MI

Favorite Quote

The dread is worse than the reality...............I coined the phrase several years is so true....RIGHT? Just do it!

- Debbie Brown...that's me!

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