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Roxyanna Henley /
Senior Executive Director


Chicago, IL

United States

Just inducted into Monat MILLION Dollar Club in 02/19! Ready to work with YOU!! Connect with me on Facebook to see my before and after photos. I am an experienced, successful leader as Top 10 in all of Monat. We are the ONLY direct sales company focusing on hair! Number one Luxury Hair Care Brand in North America! If you are driven, I want to work with you!!

NDSR Member

United States

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NDSR Member

United States


My Story

I'm a Senior Executive Director with Monat. I don't feel successful unless I help my whole team become successful as well!

More about me:

I'm a wife, mother, nana, entrepreneur, and social influence enthusiast.

My passion is helping others dream big and then crush those dreams so hard, that you have to dream new dreams!!

The women and men I work with are my tribe, my extended family. They are hard-working, passionate, and encouraging.

I started my business 4 years ago when I had no choice but to find something I would not have to physically drive to an office or a building to work at. It had to be something that I could work from anywhere but where I could highly succeed and be paid for the value I bring, not by the hour.

Once I found the most perfect opportunity with the most amazing and caring company that I could partner up with...I build a six-figure income. I'm so grateful for the struggles that lead me here because it made me work hard to realize my dreams!! My big scary dreams were to retire my husband 15 years early and be present for my kids, grandkids and all of my family. I am so grateful all of these dreams are reality now.

So why do I tell you this? Because right here is one of the main reasons I do what I do...

I now have the opportunity to help others realize all of their dreams, dreams so big that it scares most people.

I'd love to connect. Please message me on facebook and add me as a friend. Let's do this!!

My Business Story

My number one priority is YOU! :) The money is ahhhmazing, yes! The trips are a blast and always the best of everything provided by Monat. The Cadillac is beautiful of course. But nothing makes you feel more valuable and worthy than when you help others do the same you're doing. I was just called up on stage along with 4 of my team members at our Annual Conference as 5 out of the top 10 in ALL of Monat for the entire year!! This my friends is true success, when you can grab your partners hands and walk up on stage with them!! I'm very supportive and I want to help others to find the same thing I didn't know I had before...buried deep down along with my old dreams and goals in life. You are important!! You are strong and courageous, you do have dreams!! Let's lock arms and discover all of these wonderful things together!

I work with people across three countries leading, mentoring, and loving on my amazing tribe!! I couldn't see myself doing anything else!! I LOVE IT!!

I'm passionate about helping others. Connect with me and let's do this together!

Roxyanna Henley / Senior Executive Director with Monat from Chicago, IL

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Favorite Quote

Write down your wildest dream...NOW QUADRUPLE it! Together we got this!

- Roxy Henley

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