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Shelly Witzke /
Independent Director

Pampered Chef

Caledon, ON


Enjoy a well-tooled kitchen, and discover how to cook real food in real time - easily and quickly. Love what's INSIDE your cupboards! Live sweet - with friends, family, & moments that connect us to those we love, enriching our lives.

NDSR Member


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NDSR Member



My Story

Growing up in over 7 different Ontario communities as my dad transferred positions in the government, the comfort & connection of family mealtimes was a constant that grounded me especially when everything around us was new. My mom made everything from scratch.. even butter sometimes. To this day, certain foods take me right back to the people who served it, and the happy memories around the table even hours after the food was eaten, laughing and visiting.

I earned an honours commerce degree from Lakehead University, worked in the software industry in sales & marketing then after some pivotal life events, retired at 34 to change lifestyles and raise my boys. We moved to the outskirts of Toronto, were blessed with a daughter soon after, and there my husband and I raised our family, often entertaining friends in our home in Caledon.

Today, our children are entrepreneurial, accomplished musicians, lifelong learners and my heart! We love making amazing food together, and laughing and enjoying each other's company around the table.
We strive to simplify life, keep true to our deepest values, love, and keep learning.

Find me visiting with my neighbours while working in my garden, or out exploring the scents and sounds of the rail trail with our dogs Cinqo and Sasha, experimenting with new tools, foods, and sharing the passion of making bread with everyone who wants to learn.

My Business Story

Cooking/baking tools have always been something I loved, and I often found myself buying favourite tools as gifts for others. When someone introduced me to Pampered Chef, I fell in love. Curious about the business, I realized the brilliance of the direct sales model - it's flexibility, potential, inclusiveness & adaptability for small markets. I craved 'me' time that didn't spend money. I jumped in to give it a try and soon found my new business energized me and helped me be a happier mom, even on my terms.

For 18 + years, we've enjoyed so many privileges - extra income, a well-tooled kitchen, a sweet lifestyle, travel incentives (mini honeymoons), gratifying work & amazing relationships. I've come to realize that tools truly make real food happen quickly and easily for all cooks. I've learned how to bring fun experiences to life. And to teach entrepreneurs to hustle, build momentum, serve needs & build confidence.

Watch me livestream recipes, tips & hacks on my Facebook page. Follow me there to get to know me. Let's enrich more lives - one meal & one memory at a time!

Shelly Witzke / Independent Director with Pampered Chef from Caledon, ON

Favorite Quote

courage is contagious. every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better, and the world a little braver.

- Brene Brown

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